We know that mud, clay, bugs and road salt are a badge of honor on the trail. When it’s time to respect your truck, nothing stands in the way of this line up. While the Truck Wash, Bug Remover and Tire & Wheel Cleaner go to battle on the exterior offenders, our Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner attacks the grime that gets tracked inside. It’s tough enough to terminate any build up, but won’t harm your clear coat or window tinting.

This concentrated truck wash is formulated to produce a heavy foam solution that clings to dirt, mud, clay and road salt that can build up on your Truck or SUV.

GUNK® Truck Wash Concentrate


  • Formulated to produce a heavy foam solutions that clings to dirt, mud, clay and road salt
  • Foam is designed to carry away particles that can cause swirls or scratches
  • Clear coat safe

GUNK® Heavy Duty Tire & Wheel Cleaner

This high output spray covers truck-size tires wheels FAST. Plus the deep penetrating cleaner breaks through tough built-up dirt, brake dust and road grime.

  • High output spray covers truck-sized tires and wheels fast
  • Foam works itself into tough dirt and mud to lift it from the surface
  • Safe on all wheel types and rubber
  • Penetrates brake dust for easy wipe away removal with brush or spronge



GUNK® Extreme Black Tire Shine

The toughest cleaning & degreasing wipe on the market. Designed for all outdoor surfaces, including power equipment, lawn furniture and hand cleaning.

  • Extreme black finish
  • Provides wet look and long-lasting shine
  • Precise spray with little over-spray
  • Less user fatigue than trigger spray tire shines


GUNK® Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner

Designed specifically to remove spills and stains such as mud, clay, grease, coffee, soft drinks and grime, but safe on carpet, fabric, vinyl and leather.

  • Designed to remove spills and stains from mud, clay, grease, coffee, soft drinks and more
  • Safe on carpet, fabric, vinyl and leather
  • High output spray
  • Foaming action clings and lifts tough dirt and stains out of fabrics
  • Brush in and wipe away

This foaming, high-performing spray removes mud splatters and bugs leaving a residue-free finish.

GUNK® Glass Cleaners

  • All-purpose glass and hard surface cleaner
  • Cleans windshields, glass windows, mirrors, appliances, ceramic tile, chrome, stainless steel and aluminum
  • Comes in Tint Safe (TGC19) & Streak Free (GC1) versions



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