GUNK Degreasing Wipes Review

YouTuber Derek of Vice Grip Garage let us know what he really thinks about the NEW GUNK Degreasing Wipes…. Learn more about GUNK Wipes at https://gunk.com/wipes. Follow Vice Grip Garage on YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/vicegripgarage.

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How to Clean Bug Guts and Bird Poo Off Your Car Easily

Get rid of bug guts and bird mess with ease with NEW GUNK Bug-N-Bird Wipes! CONVENIENT WIPE FOR BUG & BIRD WASTE Safely wipe away stuck-on bugs, tar, sap and bird droppings from all vehicle surfaces Dual-sided soft textured wipe No scratching, no rinsing, no residue, no haze on glass Leaves a clear non-stick surface…

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An Easy Way To Keep Your Shop Surfaces Clean

It’s inevitable that when working in your shop tools, workbenches and toolboxes are going to get grimy and dirty. Until now, there wasn’t an easy way to clean all those surfaces with one product. Now, GUNK® offers wipes that are dual sided without scratching, no rinsing, no residue. They have a citrus scent and moisture…

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How to Clean a Lawn Mower

We thought it would be a fun experiment to see if we could clean a lawn tractor with our NEW GUNK® Wipes. We’re confident that our wipes are tough enough for the job, but you’ll have to watch to the end to judge for yourself. GUNK® Degreasing Wipes are now available at AutoZone, Walmart, Amazon, Blain’s…

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How to Clean and Detail an Engine without Water

There are a lot of reasons to want to clean your engine bay without water… You’re nervous that water could damage engine components. You’re off grid and you don’t have access to water easily. You’re located in a state, or geography, where the government regulates the amount of water you can use. You’re concerned that…

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